The Best CRM Tools Software and System 2022

The CRM tools, or customer relationship management, were born in digital marketing to assist organizations in building relationships with customers and improving corporate success.

While digitization has made inroads into the corporate world, it is important to remember why a business is successful. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to target the individuals who are most likely to be interested in your business, because success is dependent on maintaining the relationship with the crucial component in this, which is the client.

Businesses are increasingly relying on CRM tools and technologies, but how do they work? We’ll go through what CRM is in further depth.

What is a CRM tool?
A CRM is an application that you will use to handle things like customer databases, customer interactions, and anything else related to your customers, leads, and happy fulfillment.

The primary goal of CRM software is to boost sales, which necessitates that you strengthen your customer interactions. If you want to keep consumers pleased, your company’s customer service must be excellent. It is critical to keep clients satisfied since it is the only method to build a firm to success.

The Importance of CRM in Digital Marketing
A successful digital marketing strategy relies heavily on customer relationship management (CRM). It establishes a solid foundation for the marketing and selling of any product or concept by improving sales and customer interactions. To keep consumers pleased and expand your business, you must provide excellent customer service. CRM can assist you in this area of your organization.

Top 10 CRM Software in 2022
In this post, we have compiled a list of the top CRM systems for keeping track of your customer’s journeys, prospects, and data, as well as sales funnels. Discover the best customer relationship management CRM system for digital agencies, small companies, and corporations.

1. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is the greatest overall and most user-friendly CMS tool, plus they provide a variety of CRM service capabilities. Their goods are classified as marketing, sales, service, and CMS. The primary goal of Hubspot CRM is to assist you with lead creation in order to expand your network and save time.

There are marketing and automation features to help you stay in front of your client’s minds. As a marketer, you will also receive marketing analytics data that will assist you in managing your content. HubSpot CRM can greatly assist you in providing an excellent client experience.

A HubSpot extension for Gmail or Office 365 is also available. HubSpot’s sales CRM module includes powerful CRM and additional technologies such as a meeting organizer.

They have a customer service team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with tickets, knowledge bases, and user feedback in place, so if you’re having trouble repairing problems, they’re here to help.

HubSpot Features: 

  • Manage your pipeline with complete transparency.
  • Automatically record sales activities.
  • A sales funnel that is simple to use and administer.
  • A mobile app to make it easier to use the program on multiple devices
  • Reporting on sales
  • Everything you need to know about a lead is all in one spot.
  • It provides customization, and a task board, and aids in the synchronization of the marketing department.
  • A reliable mobile phone, email, and website connection.

HubSpot Pricing:

  • The free edition includes a number of features.
  • $50 for a starter plan
  • The basic package costs $200.
  • The basic package costs $200.
  • The professional plan costs $800.
  • The enterprise plan costs $2400.
  • Try HubSpot CRM

2. CRM is a versatile CRM software that is simple to set up and use, whether you’re monitoring leads, managing sales pipelines, or onboarding clients. is completely customizable, allowing your team to get started right away.

  It is a complete resource management program with several functions, including Customer Relationship Management and Project Management. In fact, the CRM solution was launched to empower sales teams to interact more effectively on client connections and improve performance. A variety of integrations and automation are also supported by the tool.

Managing leads and sales funnels, client tracking, contract management, and onboarding new clients are the most significant elements of’s CRM.’s biggest and most well-known feature is that it turns to-do lists into a game, pushing all team members to finish their chores on time and allowing teams to effortlessly collaborate on leads. The projects are separated into smaller tasks, which can be further subdivided into smaller subtasks.

The interface is versatile, allowing you to effortlessly manage your projects and modify your workflows. Each job, status, and progress of each member is color-coded in the CRM software Monday interface. Green indicates completion, red indicates draft, and yellow indicates a work in progress.

Top Features:

  • Most functions include drag-and-drop capabilities, which streamlines the process.
  • The attractive dashboard has colorfully charts and graphs, making work completion a pleasurable experience.
  • Illustrates how the progress of various clients can be readily observed by anyone on the sales team
  • Follow-ups and reminders that are automated.
  • It is simple to interface with other company software to create a one-stop solution.
  • Customer assistance is usually always prompt and pleasant.


Pricing includes a free trial period. Individual – unrestricted plan for the rest of your life. The basic plan is $24 per month, paid yearly. Standard – $30 per month for a year. Pro costs $48 per month for a yearly subscription. View full-price plans for Enterprise.

3. Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM software is a completely configurable CRM system that focuses on lead conversion and customer interaction. It includes marketing automation technologies that assist digital marketers in running efficient campaigns. It is a productivity-focused SaaS CRM system that offers a comprehensive set of functions such as lead management, sales force automation, contact management connections, and analytics such as performance management.

The CRM Zoho automatically takes all data from forms and keeps track of every lead engagement. To customize these ads, you may segment clients based on lead source, area, and other characteristics.

Zoho is extremely customizable, has third-party interfaces with many popular programs, and generates visually appealing reports and useful visualizations.

The program’s user interface is easy and focused on productivity, which is consistent with Zoho’s emphasis on lead management with a dashboard that displays widgets named open tasks, leads, and others. Gamification is also an option in the software to stimulate competition, goal attainment, and greater performance.

Zoho CRM Features:

  • Analytics for Customer Service.
  • Tracking of Customer Support.
  • Knowledge Management, Email Response Control.
  • Live Chat is supported.
  • Metrics and Searches for Performance.
  • Zoho Pricing: One of the best CRM firms offers a 30-day free trial and prices start at $60 per user per month if paid yearly and $72 per user per month if billed monthly. You may also get a Zoho CRM Plus subscription, which includes even more valuable add-ons for your customer relationship management system.

4. Freshworks
Freshworks CRM features combine the versatility of sales CRM software with the effectiveness of a marketing automation platform. The platform’s goal is to provide full digital solutions for productivity, communication, collaboration, pipeline management, and reporting.

The platform has extensive reporting features that allow you to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign and detect sales patterns that may serve as the foundation for future tactics.

It allows users to create processes, and the platform allows you to model your company’s sales pipeline and marketing funnel, then automate the actions associated with both. You may plan multichannel campaigns, launch them using the platform, and track their effectiveness.

Freshworks CRM also supports team communication, and marketing managers may use Fresh connect to provide the whole company access to knowledge bases and ideas. Meanwhile, sales managers may assemble teams from available workers, assign duties, and then communicate information and tactics via the software’s shared mailbox.

Freshworks CRM solution features a mobile app that allows you to keep track of sales from anywhere.


  • Lead management that gives ways to turn prospective leads into customers.
  • Provides a detailed view of where the offer is in the sales funnel. Helps to manage and organize each phase of the funnel and increase conversion possibilities.
  •  Rates and score leads, and discover the ones who are most likely to make a purchase, using the in-built AI tool.
  • The CRM enables hand-picked leads to automatically choose salespeople.
  • Smart forms, in which a person becomes a lead and is added to your database when they complete a web form on your website.
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $29 per user per month.

5. Drag
Drag is a unique application that assists teams in managing their whole processes in Gmail. It implies it may be used for a variety of reasons, including CRM, Technical Support, Project Management Planning, and Task Management.

Drag functionality is good enough to enable you to avoid jumping between Gmail and a Sales CRM software product in order to exchange group emails such as and work with your team in real-time. You may also include notes in emails to provide more information about a customer or a negotiation.

Drag has tailored its UI to Kanban view layouts to make it easier to track leads and pipelines.


  • Integrations with Google Groups and Google Calendar.
  • Templates for email tracking and email sequences
  • The delegation, response as an alias, internal team chat, collision detection, and shared email drafts are all collaboration tools.
  • Checklists, tags, sort & filter, notes, and color coding are examples of productivity features.
  • The Kanban view

Drag pricing:

Drag features four price variants ranging from $0 to $15. It also has a free trial version. Review several price editions to choose which edition and features the best suit your demands and budget.

6. Pipedrive
Pipedrive is the first CRM platform designed from the perspective of a salesman. Its developers created a platform that allows salespeople and teams to focus on learning and repeating their most productive procedure for closing transactions.

Pipedrive’s main objective is to make salesmen unstoppable. It aids in the organization of your business in such a way that you have a clear perspective of sales and so enhances productivity. We can enhance all workflows with PIPEDRIVE.

It is a sales-oriented CRM that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate monotonous operations and manage leads and sales. They presently serve over 90,000 clients and have processed over $24 billion in transactions using their platform.

It offers an easy-to-use interface with dashboards ranging from simple to complicated; you may receive as much or as little information as you desire. You may also look at several reports that show you how your sales are performing, including an easy-to-understand left-hand side menu.

Pipedrive features:

  • On a 24-hour basis, track leads and sales generated by forms, chatbots, and other channels.
  • Visual Sales Pipelines may be created by arranging your pipeline and creating specific phases (hot, warm, and cold) for each rep or team member.
  • Communication tracking, also known as contact history, records calls, emails, chats, and other interactions and helps you to plan your day in real-time.
  • To improve sales, you may utilize Pipedrive from your mobile device and combine your smartphone with other sales tools.

Pipedrive pricing:

Pipedrive has four paid plans: the Essential plan, the Advanced plan, the Professional plan, and the Enterprise plan. All of these plans range in price from $12.50 to $99 per user month.

7. Nibble CRM
Nimble CRM’s features such as contact action lists, social tracking, and more help to prospect sales teams stay organized and efficient.
Nimble UI is beautifully designed, making it enjoyable to use, and it also provides guidance throughout, particularly when you first sign up. The dashboard displays a useful set of important daily reports, such as deals, tasks, activities, email tracking, and social engagement, which are referred to as signals.
One of my favorite features of the Nimble CRM contact screen’s menu is that it displays a list of action-oriented lists at various stages of contact: recently viewed, added, and contacted, marked important, and stay in touch.
nimble hero

If you add a contact to Nimble, it will suggest LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for you. When you add these accounts, it will ask you to confirm which ones are correct if there are multiple options. It will sync all relevant information, such as work experience, and display it in a smart summary, giving you a quick overview of your contact’s bio, work, and areas of influence. Their social media feeds will appear in the record, allowing you to monitor and interact with them without having to leave the screen.
The “Signals” section displays Twitter and Facebook streams for you and your contacts, including comments, mentions, likes, and any pending posts you’ve scheduled, so you can keep track of all your social activities. New lead fields in the contact record include a 1–5 rating, source, status, and type. These can then be used as filters when creating contact lists.
Support for nimble Zapier integrations allows you to convert new Twitter followers into Nimble contacts, send new contacts to Google Contacts, and do anything else you need to do in the apps you use the most.


  • It offers effective client contact management for a variety of environments, as well as social listening and interaction.
  • It is easy and user-friendly, allowing all social media searches to be conducted through it.
  • You can monitor signals, make reminders, and expand your capabilities with more tools.
  • With enhanced sales funnel monitoring and reporting, we may give a job to anybody here.
  • API, custom post types, email signatures capturing, smart app, group messaging, and more features are available.


  • The free edition includes a number of features.
  • A $50 starter plan is available.
  • The basic package is $200.
  • The professional package costs $800.
  • Enterprise was priced at $2400.
  • Try Nimble

8. Salesforce
Salesforce is among the oldest CRM tools providers, but it currently offers a wide range of products and modules, including customer relationship management software for marketing, sales, and customer support. In general, Salesforce It’s a program that serves as a reliable CRM solution for medium-to-large businesses. With Sales Cloud, you also receive CRM software to help you optimize the sales lifecycle.

Salesforce CRM, a superb CRM software for organizations, aims to fill every CRM gap and enhance productivity through refined retention techniques, with a range of solutions to select from. This platform provides you with access to a wide range of functions, ranging from opportunity management to lead routing, making it simpler to optimize your process and track your success.

salesforce homepage
Salesforce excels at acquiring leads through the WordPress site. You may start gathering leads through your contact forms and feeding them directly into your Salesforce database with its Brilliant Sales-to-Lead for Salesforce plugin.

Salesforce software has been entrusted with the client interactions of over 100,000 major, medium, and small enterprises, owing to its competitive price. Salesforce’s products are also flawlessly integrated, with one of the most user-friendly and simple-to-manage interfaces you’ve ever seen.

They provide tools for creating email marketing campaigns as well as marketing automation.


  • It gives sales and leads to communities and marketplaces.
  • Chatter, analytics, and real-time visualization are all available.
  • It allows for email integration and aids in the execution of apps.
  • Salesforce helps with forecasting and keeping customers engaged at all times.

Salesforce CRM has four yearly SMB and enterprise price options. Examine the specifics and choose your strategy. Salesforce may also be tested using a free demo version of the program.

Essentials plan costs $25 per month per user.
Professional costs $75 per user per month.
Enterprise costs $150 per user per month.
An unlimited plan costs $300 per user each month.
Try Salesforce

9. Act CRM
ACT! is a platform for CRM, sales, and marketing automation. It features a dashboard that may be entirely customized. It may be incorporated with Outlook, Zoom, DocuSign, and other applications. Your task list can be prioritized here.

It provides prospecting tools, marketing tools, and tools for building stronger relationships. Repetitive and manual operations will be automated by marketing automation features. You only need to establish communications once, after which the program will take care of the rest.


  • It gives you a personalized dashboard.
  • The software navigation is really basic and straightforward.
  • Act! CRM may rapidly give sales pipeline analytics.
  • It contains email marketing capabilities as well as over 170 responsive templates.
  • Supports email monitoring and stats, drip marketing, polls, campaign calendars, and other features.
  • It includes features like lead management and scoring, event marketing, asset monitoring, and so on.
  • Has a lot of social media skills, which help it gain popularity.
  • It’s cloud-based and allows for corporate automation as well as effective management.

Act! Provides both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. The cost of an on-premise system begins at $37.50 per user per month. The starter is $12 per month for one user, the Professional is $25 per month per user, and the Expert is $50 per month for one user.

Wise Agent CRM
Best CRM for real estate.

Wise Agent is a solid all-around best CRM for real estate, with many of the capabilities you’d anticipate, such as automatic emails and SMS texting. Wise Agent distinguishes itself with extensive customer assistance, which makes it easy to adapt or combine the program with other technologies. Customer service at Wise Agent is always provided by a live person and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is nearly unheard of in the CRM industry.

They offer several integration options to help you streamline your communication and lead-generating services. The integration choices will cover you for every function that Wise Agent does not offer out of the box, from bringing in leads to nurturing them and retargeting former clients.


  • Automation of Leads.
  • Enhancement of Social Media.
  • Tools for Reporting
  • Landing Pages with Customizability
  • Campaigns based on drip marketing.
  • Newsletter published monthly.
  • Organizational Tools

  • The monthly fee for each agent is $29.
  • Custom Integration with API Access White Label Solution is available for Enterprise. Call for a personalized quotation.
  • Try Wise Agent
  • Benefits of CRM in digital marketing
  • CRM advertising in digital marketing allows you to target the correct customers with the tailored product or service advertisements. You may uncover their age, gender, location, and other details.  Because it is so efficient, a corporation can obtain access to, track, and go back to their previous purchases owing to the outcomes of likes and dislikes on digital platforms and the aid of stored data.

Below is the benefit of CRM in digital marketing:

  • CRM makes it easier to create fresh designs for particular future digital campaigns that target the customers you desire. If they are relevant to the customer’s demands, he or she will visit your website.
  • CRM provides better customer relationships: platforms enable you to provide individualized customer care and strengthen client relationships by responding quickly and satisfactorily. It generally results in future devoted advocates who spread the word about your brand. Surprisingly, it is digital itself, and it provides the human contact that the digital platform required.
  • CRM is cost-effective for businesses: Manual input will be reduced, and there will be no need to spend more time preserving consumer information than actual advertising. Because information is stored, it will not be lost. Less marketing will be squandered because data will assist in hitting the nail on the head with what clients are looking for.
  • CRM improves SEO (search engine optimization): In order for a page to appear in the top search results, it must provide the information that the customer or prospects are seeking. Perfect for selling what a consumer requires.

Features for a CRM Software
Workflow Automation: Consider how many repetitive tasks within the sales funnel can be automated to free up team members to complete more nuanced tasks when purchasing CRM software. For example, create workflows that trigger actions and perhaps send follow-up reminders for the next actions to automate repetitive tasks.

Lead Management: It is critical to ensure that the lead management process in your preferred CRM software flows and transitions in such a logical manner for your company and team. By identifying, scoring, and moving leads through the sales pipeline, lead management takes control of converting prospects into customers. It’s a good idea to have the sales department look over this feature.
Engagement and tracking: It’s critical to keep track of your business project if you want to know if your customer will change hands as they progress through your sales funnel. CRM tools allow you to add notes and track interaction history, as well as document conversations with specific contacts.
Contact Management: CRM tools provide contact management functionality, and the most important factor to consider is the layout and usability of the tool. The tool also should save contact information in a searchable database, such as names, addresses, and social media accounts.

Is CRM better than Spreadsheet?
There are significant variations between CRM and spreadsheet. If you only have a few hundred contacts, a spreadsheet is ideal. Spreadsheets make it easy to keep track of names, email addresses, phone numbers, company names, and websites.

The CRM to store, process, and monitor more complicated data, such as what emails, contacts, and sites your website visitors have viewed.

The beauty of CRM is that it is cloud-based and constantly updates itself when your prospects and customers take activities. while data in a spreadsheet requires manual updating

How does CRM help in sales and marketing?
CRM in marketing provides powerful insights, personalization, and testing opportunities, all of which lead to increased sales. In marketing, a company can determine which characteristics are shared by their ideal customers with the highest lifetime value. It allows you to spend your advertising revenue more efficiently and avoid spending money on leads who are unlikely to convert to sales.

A CRM helps in sales by prioritizing team outreach efforts through lead generation and scores, which calculate a lead’s interest in your product or service. The sales team’s tasks are prioritized based on which leads have the highest lead scores. 

The CRM Software in sales helps by prioritizing team outreach efforts via lead scoring, which calculates a lead’s interest in your product or service. Leads with the highest lead scores are prioritized among the sales team’s tasks. The primary goal of the CRM app in sales is to improve visibility, prioritization, and follow-up by streamlining the entire sales process.

Is any free CRM software available?

Yes, some companies provide free CRM software. Nevertheless, free CRM has several important limits in terms of data and contact storage, functionalities, and the number of users permitted. As a result, while free CRM software might be a good money-saving, it is inappropriate for agencies with a high number of employees or business-focused agencies.

While we do not recommend free CRM for the overwhelming majority of agencies, we can link you to our top CRM solutions for small firms that are affordable, scalable, and come with good customer service. In addition, for your convenience, we’ve researched and reviewed them

What is the best CRM software for real estate?
Wise Agent is a comprehensive all-in-one real estate CRM software for real estate agents that combines contact management, lead automation, and transaction management.

What is a CRM system?
A CRM system assists businesses in developing customer connections and streamlining operations in order to boost sales, enhance customer service, and increase profitability.